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 Artist Statement 

I am a US-born Mexican-Guatemalan maker exploring constructs of immigration, identity, and the classification of the “other”. In my work the “other” describes those not part of the popular race in society, in many cases persons of color. I make to inform as much as I make to represent my culture and its people. My work raises questions on topics that perhaps do not have a platform otherwise. I choose themes that are personal to me and my culture. They include labor issues, cultural appropriation, the shift of identity upon entering a new society, and issues involving borders in ideology and physical geography. These explorations are embodied within ceramic objects whose identity is manipulated through color. These objects take the form of figurative busts, installations, or reproductions of culturally signifying objects. The use of clay is a principal element in my work due to its historical relationship to pre-Columbian cultures that used it to make both functional and sculptural pieces. In using this relationship, I aim to make connections between historical cultures and mine to find similarities. I am often inspired by themes present in Mexican Muralism from the 1920s. The movement acts as a reminder as to who my audience is. Artists from this period painted murals to speak to the people of Mexico and I create pieces specifically made for a gallery setting to speak directly to those in the “popular” race in society.